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As a country of beautiful scenery, India owns a number of places where you can experience expedition. If you have decided to start your adventurous expedition in India, you should remember Skylimit India & Mr. Arun Roy Chowdhury, who already climbed so many peaks ( Kamet, Sudharshan, Koteshwar, Bhagirathi II, Kader Dome, Jogin, Sri Kailash, Satopanth more) & also virgin peak (Sara-Swa, Lakhng, Thuje .more)  as a  highly qualified, experienced & well known mountaineer with Foreign & as well Indian team.

We are improving ourselves everyday to be the best expedition conductors in India for Indian & foreigner and have operated most of coveted peaks of Indian & Nepal Himalayas. We have direct contact with Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) and state government, making us much easier to possess permit and clearances. We offer to our client best comfort on mountain, safety & success of expedition.

( Garhwal & Kumaon)
Ladakh Himachal
No. Peak Height Peak Height Peak Height
1 Arwa Spire 6193m Agyasol 6200m Alirathni-tibba 5470m
2 Arwa Tower 6352m Arjuna 6230m Behali Jot 6245m
3 Baljuri 5922m Barmal Peak 5890m CB-10 6227m
4 Banderpunch 6316m Barnaj-I 6240m CB-11 5955m
5 Bhagirathi I 6856m Barnaj-II 6280m CB-12 6258m
6 Bhagirathi II 6512m Bobang 5971m CB-13 6264m
7 Bhagirathi III 6454m Brammah-I 6416m CB-13a 6240m
8 Bhanoti 5645m Brammah-II 6425m CB-14 6078m
9 Bhartekhunta 6578m Brammah's wife 5729m CB-16 5825m
10 Bhrigupanth 6772m Cathedral 5635m CB-20 5695m
11 Black peak 6387m Chhamser Kangri 6622m CB-22 5720m
12 Brahma Gupha 5892m Chapra (Bhazum Nala)   CB-26 5840m
13 Chakura 6259m Crooked Fingr 5630m CB-31 6096m
14 Changabang 6866m D-41 5813m CB-32 5639m
15 Changuch 6322m Droikant 5600m CB-33 (Minar) 6185m
16 Chaukhamba I 7138m Eckpfeiler 5685m CB-34 5635m
17 Chaukhamba II 7070m Eiger 6015m CB-35 5568m
18 Chaukhamba III 6995m Flat Top 6100m CB-9 6108m
19 Chaukhamba IV 6854m Gulap Kangri. 5900m Central Peak 6084 m
20 Durgakot 5869m Hagshu (Janam Peak) 6330m Deo Tibba 6001m
21 Gangotri I 6672m Haptal (Hattal) 6322m Devachan 6200m
22 Gangotri II 6590m Harmukh 5148m Fluted 6122m
23 Gangotri II 6590m Kang Yisay 6400m Gangstang 6162m
24 Gangotri III 6577m Kolahai 5426m Hanuman Tibba - I 5932m
25 Gaya 6794m Kun 7877m Hanuman Tibba - II 5516m
26 Joanli 6632m Lapgo   Indra San 6223m
27 Jogin I 6465m Lhalung Durung Drung GL 6500m Kangla Tarbo-I 6315m
28 Jogin II 4363m Lungser   Kangla-II 6120m
29 Jogin III 6116m Madri Phbrang 6062m Kao Rong 6221m
30 Kalindi 6103m Mashiro Kangri 5367m Kharcha Parabat 6270m
31 Kamet 7756m Matho Kangri 6090m KR-2 6145m
32 Kedar Dome 6830m N-8 6392m KR-4 6340m
33 Kedarnath 6940m Nun 7135m KR-5 6258m
34 Kharcha Kund 6632m Parcha Kangri 5508m KR-7 6207m
35 Kirti Satambh 6285m Pinnacle 6955m M-1 6045m
36 Koteshwar 6035m Shivling 6000m M-10 5852m
37 Leo Pargial - I 6816m Sickle Moon 6574m M-2 5932m
38 Leo Pargial - II 6792m Tanak Peak 5948m M-3 5795m
39 Lepsa Dhura 5895m Tupendu-I 5700m M-4 (Mulkila) 6517m
40 Maiktoli 6803m Tupendu-II 5600m M-5 6370m
41 Manda 6568m   M-6 (Taragiri) 6182m
42 Matri 6721m   M-7 6279m
43 Meru East 6660m   M-8 6055m
44 Meru North 6450m   M-9 5680m
45 Mrigthuni 6855m   Makerbeh 6069m
46 Mulkila - IV 6517m   Manali 5640m
47 Nainghar Choti 6094m   Menthosa 6443m
48 Nanda Devi East 7434m   Ningmari 6173m
49 Nanda Ghunti 6309m   Papsura 6440m
50 Nanda Kot 6861m   Phabrang 6172m
51 Nandakhat 6545m   Shikarbeh 6200m
52 Nilkantha 6597m   Snow Cone 6225m
53 Panchchui-III 6314m   Tent Peak 5505m
54 Panwali Dwar 6663m   Tige Tooth 5990m
55 Ronti 6063m    
56 Rubal Kang 5819m    
57 Rudugaira 5819m    
58 Rudugaira 5819m    
59 Saifee 6167m    
60 Satopanth 7075m    
61 Shiving 6543m    
62 Srikanth 6133m    
63 Sudarshan Parbat 6507m    
64 Swargarohini I 6252m    
65 Swargrohini II 6248m    
66 Thalaysagar 6984m    
67 Tharkot 6099m    
68 Thelu 6000m    
69 Trishul - I 7120m    
70 Trishul - II 6680m    
71 Trishul - III 6315m    
72 Vasuki Parbat 6792m